Dining on Modernism

Dining on Modernism

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The special exhibition Dining on Modernism was presented by IMoDD from February 17 to 20, 2023 at the Palm Springs Modernism Show as part of Modernism Week 2023.    

The topic of Dining on Modernism covers roughly five decades from the 1920s through the 1960s. The golden age of dinnerware design occurred during these five decades and that period of dinnerware design history is what is celebrated and collected at the International Museum of Dinnerware Design. Modernism was not conceived as a style but a loose collection of ideas. It was a term that covered a range of movements in art, architecture, design, and literature, which largely rejected the styles that came before it. Modernism is really an IDEA, not an art movement. This exhibition centers around Modernism in terms of dinnerware, thus celebrating the shared experiences of diners through five decades.

Eva Zeisel

Schramberger Majolikafabrik, Schramberg, Germany (1820-present)
Eva Zeisel, designer (b. Hungary, 1906-2011)
Schramberg Liqueur Set, including brandy jug with stopper (model 3366) and five beakers (model 3367), and a circular tray (model 3387), circa 1929-35
IMoDD 2017.181 Museum Purchase

Steubenville Pottery Company, Steubenville, Ohio (1879-1959)
Russel Wright, American, 1904-1976, designer        
American Modern coral and cedar green lidded water pitchers, 1939-1959 china, glazed
IMoDD 2018.230, 2018.231 Museum Purchases

Glidden Pottery, Alfred, New York (1940-1957)
Glidden Parker, designer (American, 1913-1980)
Snack Sets, triangular plates and covered winged cups, ca. 1953
stoneware, glazed (viridian)
Glidden Pottery nos. 541, 542
IMoDD 2014.26 Museum Purchase
IMoDD 2017.40 Gift of John Dolan, Mary Beth Sootheran, and The Andover House

Amboss, Vienna, Austria
Carl Auböck, designer (Austrian, 1900-57)
Maestro by Amboss stainless flatware service set, 1955
stainless steel
IMoDD 2017.37 Museum Purchase

Leerdam, Netherlands (est. 1878- currently part of Libbey)
A.D. Copier (Dutch, 1901-1991)
Rondo liqueur decanter with 5 glasses, 1935
IMoDD 2018.44 Museum Purchase

Salem China Company (1898-1967)
Viktor Schreckengost (American, 1906-2008), designer
set of 3 Salem China blue and white Hotco Art Deco era refrigerator ware jugs with lids, in graduated sizes, 1937
semi-vitreous earthenware, glazed
provenance:  Collection of Viktor Schreckengost
IMoDD 2021.92 Gift of the Schreckengost family

Jackson China Company, Falls Creek, Pennsylvania (1917-1985)
Roy Lichtenstein (American, 1923-1997)
Place Setting, 1966
restaurant china, stencil and airbrush designs
IMoDD Promised Gift of Susanne and John Stephenson

Stelton, Denmark (1960-present)
Arne Jacobsen, designer (Denmark, 1902-1971)
Danish Cylinda coffee and tea set, ca. late 1960s-1970s
stainless steel, plastic
IMoDD 2014.160 Gift of Nancy and Tom Durnford
IMoDD 2022.110 Museum Purchase

Castleton China Company, New Castle, Pennsylvania (1940-1974)
Shenango Pottery Company, New Castle, Pennsylvania (1901-2009)
Eva Zeisel, designer (American, b. Hungary 1906-2011)
Museum white dinnerware, designed 1942-45, manufactured 1949-74
coffee pot, teapot, creamer, sugar, cup & saucer
porcelain, glazed
IMoDD Museum Purchases and Gift of Cheryl Blackwell

Salem China Company, Salem, Ohio (1898-1967)
Don Schreckengost, designer Tricorne (American, 1911-2001), Vincent Broomhall, designer Streamline (American, 1906-1991), Herbert A. Smith, designer Streamline.
Mandarin Orange on Streamline and Tricorne dinnerware, 1930s
semi-vitreous china, glazed
IMoDD 2014.198, 2019.174, 2014.77, 2016.40, 2014.157 Gifts of Margaret Carney and Bill Walker, Museum Purchases and Gifts of Victoria Matranga

Schmid Porcelain International
LaGardo Tackett, designer (American, 1911-1984)
Schmid Porcelain (International) Tack dinnerware set
including coffee pot, teapot, expresso set, cream, sugar, 1950s
porcelain, glazed
IMoDD 2020.133, Bill Stern Collection, Los Angeles

Branchell Company, St. Louis, MO (1946-1958)
Kaye LaMoyne, designer (1918-1992)
Branchell Melmac FLYTE and Color-FLYTE dinnerware and flatware
Melmac, stainless steel
IMoDD 2018.76, 2020.261, 2022.1 Museum Purchases