Upcoming Events:

Butter Extravaganza

A lecture by IMoDD Director Margaret Carney
SOFA Chicago 2019 Lecture Series,  
Saturday, Nov 2, 1-2pm

Butter Extravaganza is an in depth, yet light-hearted presentation about butter history and its related dining paraphernalia. After all, can we ever have too much butter in our lives?  The International Museum of Dinnerware Design (IMoDD) presented an invitational, juried, and historical exhibition titled Butter in 2019, so be prepared to explore contemporary artists’ butter dishes and butter-related sculpture, as well as manufactured butter dishes from Mid-Century.  And don’t be surprised if you see butter sculpture from a state fair, hear a song about butter, and witness a record breaking event.

Kate Maury, Lamb O’ God, butter dish, porcelain, 2019