SOFA Chicago 2017

The International Museum of Dinnerware Design:
Timeless Dinnerware Design

Timeless Dinnerware Design is special exhibition by the International Museum of Dinnerware Design for SOFA Chicago 2017, focusing on dinnerware created since the 1930s; each object or set, a masterpiece in dinnerware design that has proven to be lasting, classical and eternal and exudes timelessness in its presentation – work that captures our imagination whether it is futuristic, nostalgic, or of the moment.  Curated from the permanent collection, the exhibition is a sample visual exploration of dinnerware designed duringthe last 100 years.  Some were intended to adorn our fine tabletops for all eternity, and others were created to be less permanent, despite attracting qualities and design success and accolades galore.

Link to SOFA Chicago on-line catalogue.