Glidden Pottery

Glidden Pottery: Unique Stoneware for the Mid-Century Table

A Special Exhibition by The International Museum of Dinnerware Design
at Gifts of Art Gallery, Michigan Medicine, University of Michigan Taubman Health Center North 3D Gallery, 1500 Medical Center Drive, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109
December 11, 2023 – March 1, 2024, 8 am – 8 pm | 734.936.ARTS (2787)

Glidden Pottery is a unique stoneware-bodied dinnerware and Artware that was produced in Alfred, New York from 1940 to 1957. Glidden Pottery utilized modern production methods of slipcasting or ram pressing, but each of the more than 300 shapes was individually glazed and hand-decorated. Glidden Parker was the genius behind the success of Glidden Pottery. Part of his genius was his designs and glazes, but additionally he knew to bring in other designers and glaze experts such as Fong Chow, Sergio Dello Strologo, Katherine Nelson, Marion Fosdick, Philip Secrest, Pat Parker, Fred Press, and others. Glidden Pottery was a commercial success. The designs won numerous awards including his patented trigger handle cup being selected for the Museum of Modern Art /Merchandise Mart of Chicago Good Design show. The lively patterns included poodles, abstract designs, charming animal menageries, and more. The glazes and shapes were innovative and won numerous prizes and awards. Pieces were included in television shows of the era such as “I Love Lucy.”

On November 8, 2023, exhibition curator Margaret Carney presented a Zoom lecture on Glidden Pottery as part of IMoDD’s Unforgetable Dinnerware series.  A video of the lecture is available on YouTube:


On-Line Exhibition Catalogue

Glidden Pottery, Sergio Dello Strologo, designer, Fong Chow, spice decorations, Alfred Stoneware Buffetware in Saffron, Cayenne and Parsley, glazed stoneware, 1956.

Glidden Pottery, Philip Secrest, designer, Handsome Fish lidded casserole and plate, glazed stoneware, 1950.

Glidden Pottery, Glidden Parker, designer, serving stack & warming stand, glazed stoneware, ca. 1953.

Glidden Pottery, Viridian Sculpted Stoneware snack sets with winged cups, glazed stoneware, ca., 1953.  Gift of John Dolan and Mary Beth Sootheran and Museum Purchase.

Glidden Pottery, Chi-Chi Poodle dinnerware, glazed stoneware, 1951-1955, June Chisholm, decorator.

Glidden Pottery, Glidden Parker, designer, Yellowstone Sculpted Stoneware, glazed stoneware, 1953.

Glidden Pottery, attributed to Glidden Parker, Afrikans candle bench and ashtray, glazed stoneware, 1953.  

Glidden Pottery, Fong Chow, designer, Snowdrop Luncheonware, glazed stoneware, 1952.

Glidden Pottery, Fong Chow, designer, Gulfstream Blue and Green Mesa Artware ashtrays, glazed stoneware, 1956.

Glidden Pottery, Glidden Parker, designer, Turquoise Matrix tea set, glazed stoneware, 1941-1957. Glaze by Pat Parker.